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Ars Technica, "War Stories" episode on Homeworld
I don't know how many here are aware of Ars Technica's "War Stories"-series. The series is a look at certain important games and their development process, and more importantly a unique challenge to the process of making each game.
Today the episode on Homeworld went live.

The episode on Homeworld has big focus on the 3D graphics aspects, particularly the camera.

I think it is a must watch for aspiring FREDers, as well as veterans.
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Re: Ars Technica, "War Stories" episode on Homeworld
Thanks for sharing :-)

The series is bloody fantastic! Highly recommended for anyone who has an interest in video game design - which is to say, about 90% of the active members in this group  :cool:

The Homeworld video above is particularly interesting for anyone who has an interest in the development of space games - which is to say...   :lol:

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