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Re: Cutscene Upgrade Project
Really nice! The original Bastion Dies cutscene was not one of my favourites since I felt it was a bit rushed and too bright, but I don't get the same vibes from your remake for some reason, even though the pacing and camera angles are exactly the same.

Good work on the visual effects - the background more closely resembling what we see in-game, the shockwave coming from the detonation, and the flames more clearly showing the debris being sucked into the collapsing node. I especially liked how you've made the latter more obvious, and it leaves a good final impression of the cutscene.

The Herc II that kills the second Shivan fighter seems to perform the about-turn a bit too fast (right after the pilot says "bandit down") for a heavy assault fighter, looking as though the pilot had enabled mouselook. You might want to slow down the turn a little.
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Re: Cutscene Upgrade Project
By the time I noticed that about face issue I had already done a lot of the post effects. I slowed it down some but if I changed it anymore then I'd have to redo a lot of work. So I decided to just leave it. It's pretty far away from the camera and the eye is drawn to the myrms at that point anyway.

And yeah I agree. I'm not sure what it is, but the original always felt plain. I'm very happy that my version has a little more life.
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