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Hello, relatively recent return to FSO.

Played AoA which was great! Just started WiH and played the random capital ship mission in the middle and having weird texture issues. Hercules fighters are all weird colors, weird colors around jupiter skybox, explosions missing, beams are weird colors (remember those "technical difficulty colors you'd get on TV? Those colors).

Ran a debug in WiH. Turned off shadows. I updated to most recent MediaVPs a couple days ago too.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks so much !

One thing that would be useful to know is whether this happens only in WiH, only in mods with the most recent MVPS or in general.

But this sort of issue tends to happen with out of date drivers, and surely enough, you're using a driver revision that's about 3 years old. Mind updating them and reporting back?

Other things that you could play with to check are graphic settings like shadows, FXAA/SMAA or deferred rendering.
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Where is the facepalm emoji...updated drivers and everything is fine. Apparently I've been missing more things than I thought I was and it was affecting AoA too but I just didn't notice...thanks!