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FS1-era generic message animation
So, I made these some time ago during high tide on the development for Vega Must Burn along the with the custom HUD gauges - but right now with development recently stalled as I am waiting for new FS-Port version. So right now, no point on sitting on them.

Package contains 7 animations as .eff/.png bundles - they display the faction's logo and the text "Receiving Audio" (its' 10 frames off, 10 frames on for 3.5 cycles; the duration is adjustable in the .eff). There are 2 variants each for the Hammer of Light and the Vasudan Imperium, and one each for the GTA, GTI, and PVN.

They go in data/hud and have to manually input in FRED by their file name.

All credit for the graphics goes to mjn.mixeal.

Download (until 25/07/2020)
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