Author Topic: What should HLP 2021 be?  (Read 33821 times)

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Re: What should HLP 2021 be?
I made the same argument years ago that is echoed by some people here. I am still for a promotion of Freespace and HLP on social media but we ran into roadblocks because no one really knew who "owned" HLP and what could be done from there. It kind of died after that.

Huh, it's actually the first time that I heard of there being "road blocks". Roughly the same suggestions have been made in 2017, 2018 and 2019, the problem was always to find people who volunteer, and wouldn't quit right afterwards.


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Re: What should HLP 2021 be?
Came across this thread while...looking through Blue Lion's posts. :nervous:

It's 23 pages long but the Google Docs link on the first post still works.
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