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A few days ago I released a version that cleans up a few things and mostly gets the model and texture of the SD Abel back where it needs to be. The animated tubes still need some attention, but that'll happen eventually. Beyond that, I wanted to say some stuff about the future of Warmachine. I've talked openly about most of this with discord folks, but I realized that the forums are mostly in the dark, so lets fix that.

There are a number of further revisions we've been working on that apply to AoA. A few are fairly close at hand, and are together being refined into what will hopefully be a releasable version before too long.

  • Warmachine was always supposed to have a damage and armor typing system that makes certain weapons better against certain targets than they would be otherwise. Some of the tech descriptions are meant to indicate this; for instance Xiphos should be getting full damage vs fighters and reduced damage against larger targets, while Enyo should get bonus damage vs cruisers and bombers and reduced damage against fighters. But unfortunately, we screwed up and none of this was in replace for version 1. The balance implications are broad enough that I didn't want to rush out a patch turning it all on before we could get a decent amount of play time and make sure nothing horribly broke, which hasn't been in abundance the last few months but is slowly getting there.
  • The pulse cannon effects have been rebuilt from scratch, in a way that has balance impact that also needs evaluating. For a preview of the sub-destroyer version, see here
  • Vishnan missions are still more hellish than I want. We're working on bringing some neglected aspects of their fighters to be less of a step down from the GTVA superfighters you can get used to, and some mission tweaks are on the table to make life better too.
  • The characters should all get to say their lines in A Time For Heroes.

My attempts to build a new alternative TEI fighter lineup to switch the missions over to are probably not going to be included in this version, as my attention has been elsewhere.

Beyond that, we are looking into making some ship models. This is a thing both myself and Talhydras have done for other games in the past, but we need to catch up a bit on modern skills. More will be shared when it's more sharable, but we're going to try to not let anything else get hung up on waiting for these.

In similarly long term ideas, I do want to be clear that we do intend to build a campaign for Warmachine. Some work and planning has been done here, but results won't be overnight. I'm sure you know the drill around here. More when there's more here too. But I want to say now; Warmachine as a project first emerged as speculation about and reaction to AoA back before there was a WiH, and trying to adapt those ideas to stay compatible with all the BP out now wouldn't let Warmachine remain Warmachine. So, we're not going to go out of our way to contradict BP, but there's quite likely going to be a lot of places where we do. That's just the nature of the thing.
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It would be interesting dancing in and around the margins of the Shivan threat. Remnant forces, splinter fleets, strange signals, ghost ships, weird subspace events. It seems like it would be right up the TEI's alley to hunt and sweep for any hint of Shivan presence for both weapon testing and research. Which leads to all kinds of opportunities for the hunters to become the hunted, as is usually the case in FS2.