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This was a modification of the HD Hud created by Shivan Hunter to include the additional Hud gauges added by Blue Planet Complete's War in Heaven. It has grown into an attempt to create a solid, high resolution hud usable with any other mod.

These additional gauges include signal meters and ECM warnings important to the game play of BluePlanet... particularly War in Heaven Act 3.

No new assets were created, instead using the assets from the original HD Hud and assets taken from BPC.

Change Log:
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  • Changed name to be more generic as I'm moving away from just being an addon for Blue Planet Complete.
  • Cleaned up dependencies.

  • Moved radar icons into a separate mod and made that mod a dependency of this one.

  • Fixed a knossos error.

  • Added unique icons for all remaining ships except a few (need silhouettes from Svedal first). The new icons are under the complete package.
  • Fixed missing or incorrect icons. (might be more)
  • Added standalone test mission for testing radar icons. Needs a beefy computer to run.
  • Will likely split the radar icons off into their own mod in the near future. It will become an dependency for this mod.
  • Reorganized package names. This will break mods that depend on this one until they update their dependencies.

  • One more time.... Fixed dependency versioning issues in knossos.

  • Fixed dependency versioning issues in knossos.
  • Applied the same command line flags used by MediaVP Upgrades.

  • Implemented radar icons for all Blueplanet craft... no more radar blips. Destroyers and Juggernauts each have unique icons matching their silhouette.
  • Added an "advanced" radar icon package. Includes icons matching the silhouettes of iconic warships, fighters, and bombers. The goal is not to give every combat-craft it's own icon but rather to give icons that clearly indicate the craft's combat role, faction, and time period. Additionally, some important craft get unique icons matching their silhouette... such as the Ainsarii, Pegasus, Aurora, Charybdis, and Oculus. Non-combat craft still typically use generic icons to keep radar clutter down.
  • Icons are based on the terrific work of Svedal

  • Due to my lack of experience with Knossos... fixed default command line flags in mod.json to match the defaults for Blue Planet Complete
  • No changes to the mod itself

  • Moved visibility indicator up slightly to no longer overlap with the new placement of the message window.

  • Moved message window up enough to no longer overlap with the radar in most cases (may still overlap when displaying particularly long messages)

0.0.1 - Initial Release
  • Imported Additions to HUD from BP into HD Hud
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