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8 axis controller won't show all axis
Ok technically I mean that when I go to the config options, I am able to assign some of the joysticks, but not all of them. This basically ruins it since I am pretty specific about my config. I did not try moving which stick is read as which axis, which is something I CAN do, but it already looks like you need to "toggle gliding" which means it probably isn't going to do all 6 simultaneously anyway.

It's ok, I have a few other games, I'm not going to be left out to dry, I will link my video below which shows my homemade controller.

My controller is a gamepad style 4 joystick controller which has basically 8 axis. You don't need 8, but driving a new joystick with a new finger is tricky, and would take a long time to become serviceable with, , but if you just start on 2 new joysticks, and only use 1 axis on each (so that you can be sloppy with the unused axis), you can be serviceable in about a sitting. Further, if you ensure you configure so that the new sticks are less critical to be dextrous, you are already good enough to win sometimes.

my configuration is to place the throttle and reverse on one of the new sticks,, which allows me to be dumb and go full forward without much coordination,, and then to place roll on the other new stick, since roll doesn't have anything to do with pointing the nose. It's nice to roll, but it isn't a critical look function. That way updownleftright strafe is on the left thumb, which quickly becomes intuitive, and pitch-yaw is on the right stick, which is already how most games play, which means your aim is very natural. (inverted y is completely up to you, and as far as I can tell there's no real benefit to either, other than what you were just doing moments ago. Thumbsticks and handsticks do seem to work differently in the brain, so although pitching on an inverted axis is perfectly intuitive, so is pitching on a non-inverted axis, as so many fps games have us perfectly well trained for that as well.)

I am not desperate to play THIS game, so much as I am really important about diversifying my options, as well as having options that perform well on low performance, older hardware. I don't want people I try to share my controller with to be limited to new computers to have reasonable load times or even be playable, which is a problem I encountered when trying to have my games all come from unreal and unity developers. If the games ran, they ran like potatoes.

I made this little video to try and show the controller in action. :::

and here is the link to my project page if you want to build one of your own. It's remarkably affordable to buy things on amazon, and if you need good thumbsticks just to be happy (like me) you can shop those thb thumbsticks from digikey as I mention on the page, and use the breakout board files to order yourself a few boards from one of the pcb manufacturers that sells small sample batches for like 20 bucks.

I'm really important about not requiring a toggle to achieve full 6 axis control,, it's a much more fluid interaction. I think B5 really needs a game that is not a comprehensive wargame, and is instead a simple navigation trainer that one would imagine the actual pilots would play. Actually, I think they would start on small rc drones.


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Re: 8 axis controller won't show all axis
Ah jeez, sorry about the late reply as I don't check the forums often enough.

Multi-joy was enabled in April of 2022, but there is still the axis limitation of 6.  That is, X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, and Rz.  There are also only 5 analog actions available: Pitch, Roll, Bank, Throttle, and Relative throttle.

What libs are you using?  FSO uses SDL2 to get data from the OS, but expects a strict set of axis names.
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