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So, I'm continuing to work on 'In The Beginning' for TBP, and there's a mission where a derelict ship is found in hyperspace, but as there is a gravitational incline in hyperspace, I want to give the ship a continuous drift.  I've tried using lat-ship-maneuver to get it to skid sideways, but it hasn't seemed to work.  If I'm reading the sexp description properly, it requires the axis of travel to have a speed figure in the tables.  Since capital ships aren't often assigned lateral maneuvering speeds, even exercising the sexp's option of forcing the ship to exceed it's maximum speed, won't work.  Telling it to go double its top speed won't work, if the top speed is 0.

Does anyone have a non-table-changing, non-LUA method of simulating drift?
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The only ways to do this involve either modifying the table or using Lua.


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You could try using an invisible object moving at a low speed to simulate the drift in combination with an every-time event and relative coordinate manipulation. I cannot promise that it will be seamless - with high speeds it certainly not - but maybe a low speed could cover it.

Its a long shot...
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I considered the idea of using an invisible, stealth object docked to it, and having it pull the ship along, but then the derelict ship would READ as docked to something.
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I realize that "non table changing" was part of the equation here, but you can use a modular table to give the ship the ability to glide, and then force a glide through sexps. Ships will not use glide anywhere unless specified in the ai profiles table, and for sufficiently big ships it never becomes a problem. BP adds the glide ability to a Shivan capship (the rakshasa iirc, for use in one of the vishnan missions) and it hasn't got knock on effects anywhere else.

Bp2-13 also has a ship in an uncontrolled portside roll, you could look there for ideas