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Wings of Dawn: Project Prometheus

Taking a bit of a break from my other projects I was toying around with some of the WoD assets in FRED and thought
"Hey, people are kinda thirsting for content here and the mod's unfortunately dead, so why don't I make a WoD mod?"
So I did. Well, still am in fact doing it. (It's not done yet, will be soon, hopefully)

What ISN'T this mod?

Let's get this out of the way immediately:
-This is NOT a continuation of Wings of Dawn
-This is NOT canon, it's all just a fanwork because I really like WoD
-This is NOT a huge mod either.

Well now that we got this out of the way, what IS this mod?

This is a short campaign about the 32nd Storm Squadron, an LSF Reserve Group that usually concerns itself with backwater patrols and low risk strike operations. However, an incredibly important mission is dumped on the Storm Team.

Your job is to ensure the safe arrival of the LSF Liberty at St. Heira in the Carina System.

No one but the highest ranking officers know what is actually on the Liberty, but it is known by all as "Project Prometheus".

What to expect

  • 6 missions for a short but decent experience
  • A new cast of characters, with the art to accompany them.
  • New sets of music to make combat and downtime more refreshing
  • Elves.


Fine, geez, just give me a minute to pull them up!

Who's working on this?

Just me. As always.

When is it releasing?

Anytime between "soon" and "probably in a while".
Makes missions sometimes.
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Re: Wings of Dawn: Project Prometheus
I'll definitely look forward to it.

Even if WoD is not actively maintained (though I wish Spoon would come back at least to ensure compatibility with the latest FSO improvements) this is precisely what WoD as a whole needs to remain "active".  :yes:
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