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Been working on some concept art for Galactic Cities. Might use them in my own game someday but otherwise happy to share them. Enjoy!
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That's nifty, what's your method?  Is that pure 2d?
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Those are really cool! They'd fit right at home in almost any space 4x game


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Thanks, I am using stable diffusion. I can take requests if you guys have any ideas.


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Those are some seriously cool designs!
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Thanks, I am using stable diffusion.

Ah, I did think it looked like that, but didn't want to say it and risk offending you in case you did 'em by hand  :drevil:


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We have updated the site with now over 200 galactic cities! Find one you like? Feel free to use it!

Thanks for your support. If you have any graphic needs feel free to PM me!