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Homeworld: Fleet Command board game Kickstarter
It's exclusive to Kickstarter as a kind of deluxe version, however a retail version will eventually be released later - although it'll be a smaller version with fewer components. Some review videos are about 3/4 down the above page.

Potentially 100s of ships can be involved (over 100 supplied in the core game box alone, you'll need extra copies and/or the expansion and fleet boxes if you want more). It will support solo, co-op and PVP (up to 4 players) play modes.

Tabletopia demo available to try out:

The funding goal has already been met, the campaign ends 5 March (23 days to go as of posting this) and more stretch goals are to be revealed.

No Taiidan mothership nor any sign of Turanic Raiders, Kadeshi or Beast factions, which may disappoint.
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Re: Homeworld: Fleet Command board game Kickstarter
Slight update for those that might have dismissed this on the basis of my last point above - Turanic Raiders are now making an appearance in the form of fleet cards as a stretch goal. I don't know if a faction dedicated fleet box will ever appear but it might as part of a second wave release.

Large unpainted models/playing pieces of the Turanic Raider attack carrier, Taiidan flagship/mothership, Kushan mothership and Bentusi Exchange ships are now available as an add-on.

Templates for customisation of command, unit, leader and upgrade cards will be included.

10 days left, there are still some more stretch goals to be unlocked/revealed.