Author Topic: [WIP] High-poly GTC Hyperion  (Read 3148 times)

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[WIP] High-poly GTC Hyperion
Modest upgrade of StratComm's Hyperion. Looking for feedback.

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Re: [WIP] High-poly GTC Hyperion
Nice!  I could see this making its way into SA.
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Re: [WIP] High-poly GTC Hyperion
Maybe some destructible armor subsystems for the main guns? Even if just a conforming layer. I get the aesthetics but Stratcomm's ships always felt like they have these glaring weakpoints.


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Re: [WIP] High-poly GTC Hyperion
I totally support the decision to boost this mesh, as the Hyperion definitely needed - and deserved - an upgrade. I'll second Nohiki's remark on destructible armor subsystems, though I'd honestly extend that to other parts of the hull (such as the lower "wings" in the front section).
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Re: [WIP] High-poly GTC Hyperion
Nice work on this one and love the classic skin! I have done an update myself, but it's just a 3D model right now. :)
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