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I started writing a string quartet in Summer 2020, using some melodies that have been bouncing around in my head for decades.

With encouragement from others, I finished the quartet last summer, learned more music theory on my own last fall, and took a composition class this past spring.

My SoundCloud page showcases what I've written so far.

Current project is a saxophone quartet that a professional ensemble will try out this fall.

I'm planning to take the class again next spring. It can be taken up to 4 times, since the ensemble the students write for changes each year. In the meantime, I'll be taking private lessons.

It'd be cool to try writing some music for FS mods someday, but maybe excerpts from what I already have are usable? Changing the tempo/instrumentation isn't too hard, and when time allows, I might be able to flesh out parts of what I've written into longer pieces.

Oooh, random string quartet! I'll give it a listen sometime!


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ooooooooh, nice! "In Praise Of A Bear" is a very nice sounding bit of classical, it kinda has the same vibe as Four Seasons: Spring.
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