Scroll of Atankharzim

Fly as a Vasudan as you explore new star systems.

Fly as a Vasudan as you explore new star systems, discover intriguing mysteries, and fight in epic confrontations. Scroll delivers an action-packed campaign with over 20 missions in Part I.



We are a people of legacy. It is said that in the earliest days, when our people first walked upon the cooling silver sands of the twilight, that then was prophesied the destiny of our race. And we touched the stars, even as foretold. But in our conceit we forgot the words of the Prophets, and the Destroyers fell upon us in their wrath...

When your children ask of their history, of how they came to be Atankharz'ythi, then you will teach them the words of this scroll, that they may learn from their ancestors and not repeat their arrogance and folly. The stars hold our fate; we search them for our salvation.

                                                                                                                                                  —The Scroll of Atankharzim