Author Topic: Stuff we saw on youtube!  (Read 684 times)

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Re: Stuff we saw on youtube!
The question has always been where does the person come from.
The original footage, before they layered in the CG car and tornado.
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Re: Stuff we saw on youtube!
Was watching a bunch of runaway diesels.  Diesels don't use spark plugs, they ignite fuel by compression.  So if you let the engine get worn down to the point that it burns a lot of oil, sometimes it can "run away", or start burning up its own crankcase oil.  It is impossible to stop the engine, except by suffocation (two methods I've read: blocking the air intake with something that can't be sucked in, like a board, using a CO2 fire extinguisher, or, you could leave the air filter in place and plug it up with the powder from a dry chemical extinguisher.

Anyways, found this little nugget set to "Jerk it Out" by The Caesars: