Author Topic: Maximum number of fighterbay paths?  (Read 807 times)

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Maximum number of fighterbay paths?
Is there a maximum number of 14 fighterbay paths attributable to a ship model? Cus' I'm currently trying to add lots and lots and lots of paths to the Orion model in order to make it launch lots and lots and lots of escape pods and they only use the first 14 paths.


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Re: Maximum number of fighterbay paths?
We have more than that in FotG, but arguably it's possible that I've never tested the ones beyond the first 14, or just didn't notice the problem. Another possibility could be that that's the limit per fighterbay, and if you just split it into multiple fighterbays, it'll work.


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Re: Maximum number of fighterbay paths?
I remember having to cut a pair of bay paths from the BP's Titan, back when I was on the main team. That was long ago, but it definitely used to be the case (it might have only been noted in the debug log, as this was the sort of issues I was fixing back then). It's probably still the case. Dunno what's the reason for that limit, though (16 I could understand as 2^4, but 14 is odd).


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Re: Maximum number of fighterbay paths?
I remember 12 from the time of 3.6.18 or something like that. Magnus from Shadow Genesis has 12 paths, each four for one hangarbay... But it was 3.6.18 :P. Current limit is probably much higher, for example for Battlestar from Diaspora that has thousands of them.

Hangarbay pathes as far as I know, do not require fighterbay subsystem to be attached to. In case of Faustus for example, there is no fighterbay subsystem but it's still possible to launch fighters from Faustus.
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Re: Maximum number of fighterbay paths?
Um... the Diaspora exec is roughly equivalent to something between 3.6.13 & 3.6.16 :)
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Re: Maximum number of fighterbay paths?
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Been that way since 2010; before that, it was 10. This can't easily be bumped above 31 due to using an int as a bitfield, but that should still mean 31 working paths. If only the first 14 paths are working, then that's a bug.
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Re: Maximum number of fighterbay paths?
Please excuse the necropost, I know it's not very welcomed here. But after over a year of modding absence I've returned to the work and this issue is still standing. Freespace still refuses to use more than the first 14 paths. Even when I link them to different fighterbay subsystems, only path01-path14 are being used. Also manipulating the file in the text editor directly doesn't help.

Any further suggestions?