Author Topic: What Freespace are you (Re)Playing Now?  (Read 1099 times)

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Re: What Freespace are you (Re)Playing Now?
Hmm. I should play something. I never played past WiH R1, so that's an option! Will report back soon. :)
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Re: What Freespace are you (Re)Playing Now?
So I'm a bit late in replying to this, but 2 weeks ago I actually played A Walk in the Sun for the first time. Taranis did a nice job with the campaign. I mean there's nothing new or amazing, but it's well done for what it does.

I haven't played any of the releases of JAD 2.21 since 1.0, but I promise I'll got back and play it again once JAD 2.22 comes out on the 22nd (Axem is still on schedule for that...right?)
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Re: What Freespace are you (Re)Playing Now?
I'm still playing some of the Wings of Dawn misisons in my free time, both from the classic and the remake.
Other than that, there's Dimensional Eclipse, the JADXA arcade, the new ASW. Heard good things about BtA, meaning to give it a try.


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Re: What Freespace are you (Re)Playing Now?
Still plugging away at BtA. Finally got some time to play it again today. Did anyone else find Playing Pirate really tough?
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Re: What Freespace are you (Re)Playing Now?
Well shoot guys over the last week or so i booted up the old FreeSpace machine for the first time in years. Downloaded and finished Blue Planet Complete. So good. For the first time in a while I feel like life has meaning again! :D

Will definitely play some actual new campaigns whenever I next find the time. Obviously gotta play BtA and find all the snails... Any other suggestions of campaigns to play from the past, I dunno 5 years? Really wish I'd stuck around.

Re: What Freespace are you (Re)Playing Now?
New Wings of Dawn, Just Another Day, Aerilon is Burning over at Diaspora spring to mind.

I've gotten a big nostalgic urge recently & played through a bunch of old games, with got me wanting to play through FS2 again. Unfortunately, I would feel guilty for not finishing BtA first, which I keep putting off due to me wanting to be able to put 2-3 hours in it uninterrupted, and that kind of timeslot is getting increasingly rare (which, incidentally is also the reason my ability framework keeps getting stalled).

tldr; I want to play BtA & FS2, but can't find time to do it properly.


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Re: What Freespace are you (Re)Playing Now?
Played through the german exclusive "Relic - Spuren im Sand" (translated: Relic - Traces in the Sand) campaign today. A campaign from 2009 with 40 missions and 10 cutscenes...

That was indeed interesting, but in my opinion it want to tell way too much in this campaign.
The Death of Khonsu II and the fight for the Vasudan throne, The GTVA return to Sol which leads into a complete GTVA-Sol war that end in a reunification. The Return of the Hammer of Light that had knowledge about an Ancient Superweapon, that they want to use and to hand over the Shivans with ETAK. Oh and you have to deal something like two complete Shivan invasion fleets, of course.

Everything in only one campaign... other people need only one Plotline for a whole campaign.

But actually i did have much more problems with the voice acting. It uses voice files from FS1 & FS2 most of the time in the missions. And some TTS-pieces for exclusive lines. Even i think that TTS was not implemented very well here, the voice files from the original campaigns were the much bigger problem for myself. You hear the same sentences over and over again and they never regard the developments that happens in this campaign. So i had often the impression, that the Story is not carried on in the mission itself, because you always hear the same.
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