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So I came across this old campaign from like 2009 done by Droid803, and apparently it involves some Terrans working for the Shivans after Capella, and that sounded awesome, so I downloaded it. (Somebody in the original release said that this (i.e. Shivans communicating with the Terrans and having civil wars between different factions) wasn't really their idea of Shivans, which is amusing to me because this is almost exactly my idea of Shivans, and I've never seen it anywhere else. So that's cool.)

First mission was pretty straightforward. Surrender Belisarius but with Shivans everywhere. Also, Shivan heretics? Man, this is giving me flashbacks to the Geth. Although granted, this came out like a year earlier than ME2, so.

Mission two and aaaaagh dive dive dive hit your burners pilot already? Except with beamz instead of a Sath? And now okay WHAT THE **** THERE ARE TEN MILLION SCORPIONS TRYING TO KILL ME WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO HERE aaand the Vassago's dead. So much for that attempt.

Okay, so, the recommendations say to destroy the cruisers before engaging the fighters. WELL I'M NOT TRYING TO ENGAGE THE FIGHTERS, BUT THEY SEEM AWFULLY ****ING BENT ON ENGAGING ME.

Anyway. This campaign looks completely awesome so far, but I have no idea how to beat this mission or if it's supposed to be this hard. Ideas, people who have played this before?

EDIT: Okay, I just put it on Very Easy, and got through well enough. Seriously, though, this is amazeballs. I don't know if it's just my alien fixation or what, but playing as (almost) the Shivans is great. Droid, if you ever want to do a remake of this and you want a writer, sign me the **** up.
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AFAIK, Droid abandoned ToD project few years ago along with some side projects he was working on, so I doubt if he still has plans related to this. ToD in fact is crazy, but also cool! I would like to replay it with some updated ships and rebalanced missions.
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Does anyone else remember Unholy Alliance?  That was another campaign where you got to work with Shivans.


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This was my first custom campaign.
Oooh boy did it have problems.

Okay, yeah, it had problems.

But on the other hand, SHIVAN ORIONS.

I will say, though, I was expecting more than just one Negator ship there at the end. I came across the campaign from the Nightmare page on the wiki.

I agree. It was a bit glitchy here and there, but it was FUN!
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