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Concept Aerotech and Searching for Help (with Link to Screenshots Slideshow)
(Screenshot Slideshow)


Thanks to headdie for the helping hand in modelling.
Sorry for my terrible English when you have Question or don't understand what i mean please send a PM to me.

Okay here are the Aerotech MOD/Total Conversation Concept and Search for Helping Hands

The Aerotech MOD played in the Battletech Universe. No i will not make fight with Mechs but only as Turret on Asteriodbases or Moonbases.
I will make only a Spacefighter Game in Cockpitview in the Battletech Universe.

The Campaign

First the Trainingsmission will start in the Star League Area (you make training one or two standart Missions and then comes the big war where Kerensky fight over the Ursupator Amaris and make the Exodus)
They other Missions and Campaign i will make as Mod Paks they can load with the Launcher
I will make for the big five House, Mercenaries, Clans and Periphery campaign.   
The last Campaign where a Surprise Campaign i wouldn't tell more about.

Things i have done or they was WiP

New Mainhall is integrated.
Weapons.tbl with weapons from battletech universe is integrated and works fine but i will adjust anythink by the weapons.
Techroom is up to date with information about Battletechunivers.
Weaponssound and Impact is integrated. The Soundeffects sponsored from Starfire (Mechstorm) there has made the HD Patch for MW4 Mercenaries.
Laserweapons are Beamweapons
LBX Autocannons are Flak
Rotary Autocannons work with Burst shot
Ultra autocannons also work with Burst shot
Include Faction Insignias

SSRM are Heatseeking (firing Swarm 2, 4 and 6)
MRM are Aspect missile (firing Swarm 10) for the other MRM20 etc. i have increased the Damage Missile
LRM are Aspect missile (firing Swarm 5) for the other LRM10 etc. i have increased the Damage per Missile
a other solution where a Model there looks out 1 shot firing 3 and 5 Missile (i mean when you fire you see 5 Trails and Glowpoints) so we can simulate ah LRM20 with Swarmfire 4... i hope you know what i mean.

Heatmanagmentsytem.   The Energybar in the HUD have now the Letters HEAT and they don't show on the Display when energy are by 100% Firstshot with energyweapon you will see 10.000 K etc. by the last 20% you will see the letters WARNING OVERHEAT.
I will make a LUA Script there makes a better work with Heatmanagment. "Don't Fire Beamweapons when the Energybar was by 0% and Shot down Ship" when it is possible to make this with LUA Script.

Include two old models (Issus and Sydliz) from old friends the haven't enough time for the mod...
I have cleaning the Files and Data for this Mod and Clear all Debug.exe Errors.

New HUD is integrated.

Things they i can do and they i do.

Finished/Editing Models with PCS2 (setting Points, Weaponpoints, Specialpoints, Viewpoints etc. etc.)
Make Missions, Make Campaign
Editing .tbl files.
Make Effects.
Make Skyboxes

Things they i can't do but i will learn it (step by step)

Make 3D Models for the Game.
Make Textures for the Game.
Make Videos (but i can Videos Convert and include in the Game)
Write in the Sourcecode. (it was fine. I also find other ways to solve the Problems. an Example: Heatmanagment)

Things they should be include in the game

Dropships with Hangerbays who can start the Fighters
Warships with Hangerbays who can start the Fighters
Spacemarines and Elementals (it was very fine i have a nice Idea for a Chapter in a Story)
Shipinterior only small floors or supplyrooms and bays (i have an very interesting idea Whit this and the Spacemarines) ^^
Turrets looking as Dome with one and two Barrels, Missile Turrets.
Cockpit Inner Sphere
Cockpit Clan

Things they have priority

Fighter Models with Cockpit  (this is a link do a good site with the fighter models:    (it is in germany)
You must click on the letters    Luft/Raumjäger   then        Innere Sphäre    or      Clan     and then on the Year.
WARNING!!! before you model a fighter speak with me before two or three peoples makes the Same fighter

Make Fighter Models with Turrets
Fighter with turrets on the stands by the Weapons (HECK) this are the rearweapons  (it was fine not important few fighters in Battletechunivers have Weapons to rear i think the best solve was a turret they can only firing rear with a little elevation)

Make Weapon Models only renders (for the Techbase looks like finer as the pictures from the Technical Readout) a example   this link is a link to the a picture from a Autocannon they was fine as render for the Techbase and the other Weapons.

Thinks they have time and they wasn't so important.

Shipinterior (i mean small floors and hangarbays)
Mech as Turrets
Mission and Campaign

So i think all visions for this MOD from me i tell in this threat but in the future can update this list.

You have interest and will help me by my project?
You can only make fighter Models? No Problem i need the fighter models it is very good :)
You can only make textures? Okay i search for this know how.
You can only make Videos or Sounds? You are my men :)
You can write in the Source Code or LUA scripting? You are a god for me.

What you can do can you do for us and the project. 
I'm very thankfully and happy for all helping hands.

We grow up with the work what we make :) and more hands makes a earlier end

But all helping hands come into the Credits.


(Screenshot Slideshow)
Aerotech Alpha v 0.1 download here --->

It plays in Battletech Univers

Aerotech Concept click here --->


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Re: Concept Aerotech and Searching for Help (with Link to Screenshots Slideshow)
While I support any possible BattleTech mod I am sadly unqualified to assist at this stage.
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Re: Concept Aerotech and Searching for Help (with Link to Screenshots Slideshow)
That's a lot of work...

If you need models for fighters and dropships:
The Team of "Mechwarrior Living Legends" is still active.
They have some Fighters in their Mod, and even some Dropships as statics.

AFAIK Space Combat is not a part of their Mod, so maybe they are willing to provide assets - or some of the Artists would like to work on a Freespace Mod...
Last time I checked their Mod there was no Singleplayer or COOP Mode (seems that the AI of the Cry Engine 2 doesn't handle the Mechs well ) an there was no system to coordinate your lancemates.

The Freespace Engine has a working AI and a working com system, and it's should be better for Space Combat than Crysis.
Maybe you should make a small Demo Version with the assets you have now to show the potential of Freespace for a Aerotech Mod.


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Re: Concept Aerotech and Searching for Help (with Link to Screenshots Slideshow)
:yes: This is what I was talking about, now this is a good OP.