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Using a Gource video for HLP?
Hello, people!

So recently I've stumbled upon a certain video. It looks really cool and I thought that something like this could make a very nice addition to HLP, perhaps as an advertisement of all the work being done in Freespace Open?

Technicals: this animation is done in a thingy called Gource. I'm not exactly sure how to properly use it, but it appears that it can just use an entire GitHub repository on its own to make such an animation, so it would be basically effortless to make. The only thing to think of is a) who's got the proper Internet connection to upload a preferably 1080p clip of quite a big length and b) where is it going to be hosted (as in some kind of HLP YouTube channel)?

Let's have some ideas :P
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Re: Using a Gource video for HLP?
It's pretty easy to use. You can just run it in your Git checkout like this:
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git clone fs2open
cd fs2open

It has a few command line options to tweak the display. It's not capable of rendering to a file as far as I can tell so you'll probably have to capture the window with OBS or something like that.

EDIT: Apparently it can save the video as a PPM stream. Maybe that can be converted with ffmpeg?
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Re: Using a Gource video for HLP?
I think I would be able to configure and capture the video with relative ease, but my current Internet connection is limited to 1Mbps download and about a quarter of that for upload speed. I also disconnect my PC from the Internet every day, since I'm using my phone's connection to do stuff on my PC and I take that phone with myself when I go somewhere, obviously. I'm not sure how successful can I be with uploading a high quality video to Youtube with my connection. The only way to look for an improvement on my side of things is to wait 2-3 weeks, after that time I'm getting a temporary boost in Internet speed and I think I could count on stable 2Mbps upload.
Mito [PL] - Today at 8:52 PM
I was supposed to make a short presentation about basics of optical fibers and here I am, listening to Eurobeat while reading about quantum cryptography.


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Re: Using a Gource video for HLP?
I'll take a look at this.
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Re: Using a Gource video for HLP?
Didn't someone do this a few years ago?
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Re: Using a Gource video for HLP?
Yeah, but a lot has happened since then. I'll see if I can render a video over the weekend.
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Re: Using a Gource video for HLP?
Here is the old visualization, made in 2010 (!)

Original thread

It was also done for Blue Planet here.