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1. case sensitivity in file names -- the file named MODEL.H is included as "Model.h" "model.h" etc.  My solution was to convert all filenames to lower-case only (and update the #include lines to match)

Yeah, that was dumb. We no longer do things this way, for the record :)


2. Non-standard C++: using variable and struct members that have the same name as the type (stepped_rotation *stepped_rotation)  I am renaming the probematic typedefs to use _t at the end (e.g., stepped_rotation_t), which is what POSIX does.

Again, also dumb. I'll have to break out the Programmer Bat and deal out some justice to the author of _that_ code ;)


4. Assembly in the texture mapping code.  Dammit.

Unless you want to port Fred2, there's no need to deal with this. Game doesn't use it at all.

Originally posted by daveb

Unless you want to port Fred2, there's no need to deal with this. Game doesn't use it at all.

Methinks daveb just saved you guys a lot of work.  [grin]  THANKS FOR READING, DAVE!

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Originally posted by TurboNed

Methinks daveb just saved you guys a lot of work.  [grin]  THANKS FOR READING, DAVE!


what he said :D Thanks daveb

Status as of 10am EDT: everything now compiles on RedHat Linux, using gcc 2.95.3. except the very-windows-specific stuff (low-level graphics, sound, directinput, startup code, networking).  Yeah, I know it's a big "except..."

I'm feeling much better since I don't need to worry about the 10K+ lines of asm in the tmapper code.   There are still small chunks of asm scattered about, but they're much more manageable.

Although it would be nice to have an "open" FRED2, it's not much of a priority to me or anyone I've heard from.  Since it's an MFC application, 75% will probably need to be rewritten anyhow.  GUI applications are tough to port, since the basic paradigm is so different between Win32, Mac, and the many X11 toolkits.  I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader :p in the meantime, I'll use wrinkle my nose and continue to use Win98 for those rare occasions when I need to build a mission :o

I'm gonna check w/ the folks at SourceForge and see if the :V: license is "open" enough for them... if it passes (and if I hear no ovverriding objections from daveb or anyone else at :V: ) I'll try to upload the CVS repository to
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DaveTheEmbalmer don't pay too much attention to our resident Shivan, I think he's getting under the table cash from M$ ;)

In realistic terms though a mac FS is exceptionally unlikely. Any talk of porting is aimed at linux and unless you consider the possibility of OSX compatibility, you're not going to see macFS anytime soon.

Still. You mac guys got 'Escape velocity' so you got one up on us windoze users ;)

Originally posted by Stryke 9
I would, but it's too fun to make fun of Macs, and right now I'm in the mood for an easily ridiculed target.:D

Well, if you put it that way, I'll admit that maybe, just maybe, I'm being a teeeeensy weeeeensy bit of a hard ass :devilidea.

I was really just wondering if there was anyone already working on such a project. I think I'll just wait until there is an open source version of FS2 with all the stuff possible using some form of a cross platform API (OpenGL, OpenAL etc.) and start from there. Why do work when you can let someone else do it for you? :D

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I think sourceforge is a no-go, Warpcore seemed to think they had the band to handle the CVS. Otherwise, I will suck it up and get it set up on my servers.
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