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My Name ist SchrammO and i love Freespace! (Captn. Obvious)

I love you guys for the great work you´ve allready done to this game.
Right now i´m trying to get it as beautiful as it can get.
I allready installed the Mediavps_3612 and I discovered that there are maaaany other ships in "the freespace upgrade project".
I read every post there so i´m just asking.
Are there any MUST HAVE redesigns in this section or am I good to go with the standart that mediavps brings?

Oh btw... i´m planing on doing some gameplay videos with all this awesome mods on YouTube and for that I´m searching for a clear Freespace 2 Logo with transparency. If anyone could help me out I would be very happy :D

If you like check out my YouTubechannel. (Its a german one)


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Hi SchrammO!
The Mediavps are the compilation of the best work this community. However, there has been some new models released since the last Mediavps release. THEY MAY HAVE SOME ISSUES WITH THEM, though I used them and I've never noticed nothing funny (but I can't give no guaranties).
In order to get those models you can either follow the instructions here or get a pack of ships here. The pack is good, but I don't know if it's kept up to date. The guide will teach you how to get any ship in game.
As for the logo, I think you should ask in the FSU forum.
Good luck and I hope to see your videos soon!