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Second shot's scheduled for the 19th of September.

I thought it was supposed to be a month, not three?


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Second shot's scheduled for the 19th of September.

I thought it was supposed to be a month, not three?

Back in March Canada was only receiving a fraction of the doses that were ordered. Coupled with a third wave starting, the provinces decided to use up all the doses available and extend the wait for the second doses by up to 4 months to get as many people as possible to have some sort of protection. Gamble paid off, since cases have fallen.

Some studies in the UK have shown an extended wait between shots actually makes the second one more effective (though the sample size was small, around 200, and were people in the 80+ category).


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Got my second Pfizer shot yesterday. Despite knowing lots of people who fell sick for a couple of day after the second shot, I had no side effects at all.

After a while that's actually started to weird me out. Had no side effects either and it's like... "Did it work?"

I had the same doubt.
However, a nurse friend of mine was Pfizered in January, and she reported no side effects after either shot (and she also caught COVID without symptoms during the 1st wave). Her boyfriend recently caught COVID with moderate symptoms, but she was tested negative to several swabs, so that the hospital she works in allowed her to continue working.

I know, a single case does not make a statistic, but it is giving me some hope.
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If you really want to know, you can get an antibody test. I got one 3 weeks after the Pfizer second dose just for curiosity. The result showed 383 AU/ml of anti-spike IgG antibodies, which is apparently a pretty high value. Seems like those vaccines are really strongly immunogenic, especially in younger people.

But even a low value does not necessarily mean the vaccine did not work, since there is also cellular immunity.
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I got my second dose of Pfizer today.
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