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are there any tutorials about the various eventconditions you can specify. Without any further informationen its really hard to place some events into a mission. For example how can I place an event, so that ship A moves its front into the direction of ship B no matter where ship B is.

I have also another quesition: In the mission editor you have to place the waypointpaths for all ships.
But how can you make sure that a ship is at a certain position at a certin time? The ship all have different speeds.  Is there any slider to move on the timeline of the mission, or do you have to test the waypoints manually in the game. If I want to make a certain maneuver later on in the game, I never know where the ships are at a certain time....


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Hey mate, have you stumbled upon the FRED Walkthrough (it's in yourfreespacefolder/data/freddocs from memory)? That answers the gist of what you're saying here, and may teach you a bit more. :)

That last one though about ships being there at a specific time is something I think you may have to do via trial and error, or some mental math taking into account the ship's cruise speed and the distance you want it to travel, so then you manipulate the coordinates to achieve the time you want based on those calculations.



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Yes cap-waypoint-speed is used to set the speed to a waypoint.  Now this only goes up to the max speed of the ship so if you have several that you want to travel at the same speed you can only go as fast as the slowest one. 

I agree with doing the walk trough.  You can also dump all the sexps to file in the launcher under dev-tools and some but not all are in Wiki.  Oh and there are always Kara's FAQ's. 
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Check the FRED forum for something more advanced. The stuff in my actual FAQ is old but the FRED stuff is still very relevant.
Karajorma's Freespace FAQ. It's almost like asking me yourself.

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