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Re: Post your edumacation...
High school grad, School for Textile, Leather & Design Zagreb, Textile - Chemical techinician. Worst case of a wasted life ever. And now i waste time of my life in B Net's call support... (Croatian cable TV, VoIP, and cable net)

oh how i wish i had assloads of cash so i could go study 3D....
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Re: Post your edumacation...
Studying a double BSc in Geology and Environmental Biology with a specialization in exploration geology and regolith. Should have finished a couple of years ago, but I got drunk a lot instead of finishing assignments :nod:. Going to be doing a Grad Cert in GIS next year (fully online courses FTW) and a Grad Dip. in Exploration Geophysics probably the year after that.
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Re: Post your edumacation...
Currently going for a BS in Chemical Engineering; almost done with my first year of college.
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Re: Post your edumacation...
Currently wrapping up my second year of college, aiming for a BS in Computer Science.

Also considering a minor in Technical Communications.
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Re: Post your edumacation...
I do hold an Associate's Degree in CS(completly worthless), and also the following

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Re: Post your edumacation...
(I felt like my first post didn't cover enough.)

Currently have a 4.0, with three AP courses, equates rougly to a 4.5.  I'm not completely sure what I want to do after, but I've narrowed it to something to do with computers or gunsmithing.  About 5-6 weeks until end of junior year.


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Re: Post your edumacation...
How hard are the AP courses? I'm taking AP Chem 12, AP Phys 12, AP Bio 12 and AP Calc. How much harder would AP Chem be than say, Chem 11?
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Re: Post your edumacation...
Technically, at my school, Chem II is an AP class.  Pre-Calculus is considered College Algebra, and we get college credit for it.  My semester of AP english was the equivalent to Composition 101 in college, and my 20th Century Literature semester was considered AP.


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Re: Post your edumacation...
AA in something useless
BA in Emergency and Disaster Management

Thinking about starting my MA in Management
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