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[Solved] Small HUD issue...
I just recently bought Freespace 2 after stumbling into the Freespace Open mod while looking for mods for Supreme Commander:FA.  lol

I LOVE this game!  And it's even better with the graphical addons.  Everything worked great on the first try!  But... There is a FPS thing in the upper left and several lines displaying things such as video memory and other stuff in the upper right.  The FPS one isn't a huge deal.. But the stuff in the upper right is blocking my radio commands.  Is there a way to disable the FPS and the memory monitoring stuff there so I can see what I'm doing?  Thanx in advance. :)
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Simple. Use the FSO exe that has an "r" in the filename (like fs2_open_3_6_12r_INF.exe) instead of the "d" version.
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HAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG... I was looking at everything I could think of, but couldn't find anything for it in options or anywhere else!  Such an easy fix, like I thought it would be.  Thanx!  :D