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Hello, introduce and questions : )
Hello all,

playing FS2 since release 1999, can still remember when I bought it in store ^^
But had not managed to play through completely alone

Lately I have come back to it, I am absolutely surprised that such a gigantic fanbase has built up around it and it is developed further today

Currently have only a MacBook and as far as I read you can play FSO 3.8.0 via Knossos also on Mac

I have read a few instructions in the forum and everything installed as Knossos indicates it (bought a second copy via GOG again), but still get an error code if I want to start it. (Images attached)
As a check I have also installed it on a windows machine and found, that some additional content will be downloaded afterwards. What's not happening on my mac
Someone knows this error code, nothing found in the forum about it



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Re: Hello, introduce and questions : )
Sry for double post, but here the error code to copy

Code: [Select]
Starting /Users/livemac/Documents/Games/FreespaceOpen/bin/FS0-3.8.0-3/ failed! (return code: -6)


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Re: Hello, introduce and questions : )
Welcome back! I am not sure the answer to that error code, but feel free to ask on the Discord as well!


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Re: Hello, introduce and questions : )
nice for sharing discord link, will also look and ask there

thx <3


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Re: Hello, introduce and questions : )

Moderators, should this be moved to the support board?  It might get more views regarding the issue Rob is having.
Maybe someday God will give you a little pink toaster of your own.


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Re: Hello, introduce and questions : )
It's had over 80 views already. Saying that, I'd move it if I could.

Re: Hello, introduce and questions : )
If you're new here to HLP and need help getting started

It's fine here, just none of the Knossos devs posted yet.


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Re: Hello, introduce and questions : )
Sorry about that... The FSO 3.8.0 macOS build is broken due to the way it was uploaded. Please go to your Knossos settings and set your preferred engine stability to "Nightly" in the Knossos section.
Afterwards, go back to your home tab, update FSO and you should be able to launch the game. I'd also VERY MUCH recommend installing the MediaVPs for a better game experience.


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Re: Hello, introduce and questions : )
Welcome aboard pilot  :)

If you want any pointers take a peak at the forums or ask, we are here to help.
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