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Converted - Aldo's GTT Wyvern

I hadn't seen a pof file for this thing around anywhere, so I braved Max's DAE exporter and muddled through myself. Any conversion errors are mine, the mesh and texs are Aldo's usual top notch work. As is mentioned in the readme, the texturing and general design looks like it fits in best with the Pre-Great War era Leto and this thing, but the max files say it's GTVT - I've compromised, as you can see from the Tech description, but it's all variable for individual mods, obviously.

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Re: Converted - Aldo's GTT Wyvern
Sweet. Looks like it could pass as some kind of civilian liner in my book. Nice work!
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Re: Converted - Aldo's GTT Wyvern
That is an amazing model, and it may be just what TVWP has been looking for (we need a shuttle that can fit in Carriers). Would make a great pirate transport too.

Shall give this a look definately, and maybe that other model when Also is able to finish it, and see if he minds us using it. Big thanks for setting it up Black Wolf. :)
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Re: Converted - Aldo's GTT Wyvern
This would make a good use to my Evolution mod. Nice work :)
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