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Community-wide project idea.
Originally posted by mikhael

Yes, but is it a space sim, or still Diablo in space? Remember, I'll not give it a chance, unless I get to pilot my ships, rather than do the Diablo-style "*click*clickclick* YAY! A WINNER IS ME!" crap.

as I said, wait and see. you haven't played it, so you don't know. As far as I know descent was played with a mouse and was nothing like diablo.

As for Wing Commander 3 and 4, they were excellent games, but Roberts just went a little overboard with the cutscenes. There was a reason why WC4 was one of the first games on DVD. Prophecy got back to the WC2/3 era. Cutscenes, but much more action. [/B][/quote]

wing co 3 and 4 had a lot of cutscenes, but that don't bother me coz the games were great. it's a bonus. the games would have sucked, it would have been a different story. WCP came back to WC2 style? great... it can't compare to WC3 or 4 for replay value, so I don't quite see what's good there. anyway, that wasn't the point ( and as I don't remember what the point was, well, never mind :P )