Author Topic: a vasudan light something.  (Read 1582 times)

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a vasudan light something.

Not in the least am I'm working more on this. It's just a render of the PVF Naefr.

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I have big plans, now if only I could see them through.

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a vasudan light something.
Good progress. :yes:

Wings are Terran, though.  Can you merge the front and back wings into just a single wing on each side?  And make them more rounded - Vasudan wings aren't this angular.

And I have an idea about the vertical fin at the back - extend the cockpit upwards and backwards so that it bulges above the wings, then make it flow backward until it merges with the fin.  The fin will point almost directly backwards (not upwards) so that the final effect will be a cockpit bulging out of the hull that tapers to a point sticking out of the back of the fighter.

My 2 cents. :)