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Grrrrrrrrrrr......I can't seem to figure out how to do waypoints for my missions. The tutorial doesnt make any sense at all right now. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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What exactly are you trying to do? There are several things that could csrew you up here - but if it's just following the waypoin path, then you need to give the ships a waypoint or waypoint once order, either through the events editor, or their initial orders. Waypoints will mean that they loop through the path over and over (good for a patrol path), Waypoints once means that they do the path once (Good if you want the ship to head for a specific point).

Anything else and we'll need more specifics.
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Have you read the help file? Next to the tutorial, that is the best thing to read. Even I read that.


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make sure you keep it on the same waypoint too.

I.E. don't click anywhere else after you've set one down so that they connect.
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To set a single waypoint for a ship to GET TO:
-- right click, select 'waypoint', hold down 'control' and click where you want the waypoint to be.  it sets down a little purple dot.  double click the dot, and name it something so you remember. then double click on the ship you want to get to that waypoint, click 'initial orders', select 'waypoints once', then select the name of the waypoint.  the ship will then go to the waypoint, stop, and follow the next instruction in the priority level.

To set a waypoint PATH for a ship to FOLLOW:
-- right click, select 'waypoint', hold down 'control' and click where you want the waypoint to be.  now without clicking anywhere else, hold down control, and click somewhere else... it sets another waypoint, and connects the first waypoint to the second.  now click somewhere else (while holding 'control')... it sets a third, and connects all three, in a PATH.  now put a ship at the beginning of the path, (the first waypoint) (you can make as many waypoints in a path as you want by the way), then double click the ship, click 'initial orders', select either:

-- Waypoints once: the ship follows the waypoints once, then stops, and waits for further instructions

-- Waypoints: the ship follows the waypoints then when it's done it goes to the beginning, and follows them again, indefinately.  this is useful for a ship that's supposed to be 'patrolling' or something.

then select the name of the waypoint path (double click on the waypoint path and name it) and that's it! :)

Thanks to all of you, I've got it down. Thanks.