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Fifth Sun cancelled??
Cant say I ever played it or downloaded it even, but I was waiting for the final release. Seeing as all traces of it have disappeared from HLP, I was wondering does anyone know whats happening to it?

Was it a strategy game based in freespace? It always seemed a bit out of place.

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erm.. wow didn't know it had that many fans.

No, Kenny I think was making an entire new game/engine. He joined up with the US Airforce though and lost all free tiem to play with it, so it was just collecting dust.
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Eh, fair play to him for trying. I'm kinda partial to grand space strategy games, just havent played many, and always thought it'd be cool to command all these terran fleets and vasudan battle groups you hear sp much about (even if that turned out not to be his goal).

Any idea if you can still get the latest download or is it even in a state to make it worth playing?
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As far as i know he never released a playeble EXE for it. But from what i could make up from the things he posted on the forum it was semi playeble.
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