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[glow=blue]GTC Mars

The Mars Strike Cruiser was developed to replace the aging Fenris class as the new standard patrol vessel.  Despite its classification as a strike cruiser, it is well suited to a number of roles beyond performing lightning-fast attacks at a moment's notice.  The cruiser's three D5 Photon Beam emplacements and three D11x Particle Beam cannons require nearly a fifth of the ship's internal volume while the heatsinks require nearly another fifth.[/glow]


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Once agian, pretty cool and futuristic. Sure like teh beams, don'tcha?

This one looks like it could be a dope bomber tho, with the 'cockpit' looking front and the big engines on the back. Still cool though.

Now hurry up and give us something to play :D
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Wow, looks great. Like to see it in action! :)
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Hmmm, the bastard child of an Aeolus and a Medusa - cool!

When will this be released?:)
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camel ship!! :lol:

this isn't quite as nifty as the Aegis tho...
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Originally posted by Analazon
this isn't quite as nifty as the Aegis tho...

*heh* This was designed like six or nine months before the Aegis. Skills have changed.
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