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It is to my knowledge that this campaign will be using the T-V war timeline in the FSURP, right?

If that is so, I would like to point out one minor error in the timeline.  In the year 2334, it says that in the last major battle of the war, which was a fight for the Vega-Deneb jump node (the battle where the first Typhon is destroyed), was won by the Terrans, and that Vega remained in Terran hands.  Well, I am replaying FS1, and I'm paying close attention to the command briefing anis so I can see what systems were Terran and which ones were Vasudan.

In the first starmap animation, the sphere that is supposed to be the Vega system is in red, meaning that it is a Vasudan system.  Although there is no label for that system in that particular animation, in later briefings, the same sphere has the name 'Vega' under it, meaning that at the beginning of FS1, Vega was a Vasudan system.  Remember that this cannot signify that the system is under Shivan control because at this point, the Shivans have not even appeared.  It makes perfect sense that Vega is a Vasudan system because in later missions, it is stated that the Vasudan fleet is amassing in Vega, while the Terran armada is grouping in Antares, and at this point, relations are stable, because each fleet is in a system governed by their respective races.  Relations are only strained later on, when the Vasudan fleet is forced to retreat to Antares (a Terran occupied system).

To conclude, the entry concerning the Terrans taking possesion of Vega is false and should be changed in order to conform to the facts in FS1.:nod:

EDIT: Also of note, in the first briefing, Sirius and Regulus are both Vasudan systems as well.  I guess that's why the NTF had so many Vasudans to slaughter, two of their systems used to be purely Vasudan until the formation of the GTVA.
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I'm not very familiar with our OWN timeline, so we'll have to wait for somebody who is to get here.


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You missunderstood the wording of that battle.  The Terrans took the Vega side of the node, not Vega itself.  Having control of the Deneb/Vega node is more important than holding Vega itself, you can control supplies entering the system that way.
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Here's a piece of information I just came across while looking through the FS1 techroom.

In the GTE Hermes entry and the PVF Anubis entry there is talk of the "Battle of Rexias 4" and how the GTD Goliath was destroyed by kamikaze fighters; the first time Terrans witnessed the tactic.  After the destruction of the Goliath, the Hermes was put into service.

This "Battle of Rexias 4" (took place over 12 years before the beginning of FS1) could possibly serve as a useful set of missions for your campaign.  Rexias could probably be a planet in one of the GTA's or PVE's systems.

I'm not saying you have to have this in, but it might be a good idea, because this information is FS cannon.  Just a friendly suggestion:yes:
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That could work out pretty well.

I'd be interested to see what else you've come across.:)