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Planning a T-V war fanfic
I'm planning to make a rather large fanfic concerning the Siege of Betelgeuse, a major event in your T-V war timeline.  It takes place from June to December 2330.  It would be welcome if you could provide me with any tech descriptions (if they are available) for the ships of that time period (such as the PVD Savior class destroyers).

I have posted a more extensive message on the General Freespace forum, but since this fanfic will be written during your campaign, and I plan to not deviate from whatever course you may be taking, any small-time collaboration between this campaign's team and myself would be handy.  I would only need small bits of information, such as the names of politicians, brief descriptions of several battles, etc...

I am aware that this project has not quite reached the stage of the T-V war as of yet, but my project will take a couple of months at least.  Speculation or any minot plotting of T-V war events would help me stay within the parameters of your campaign.

Any suggestions and or opinions are welcome.
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Planning a T-V war fanfic
Talk to Eishtmo, he'll make up a bunch of stuff for you.