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Archives Submission Guide
Before I get tons of mods/missions that may not work, here's a few guidelines to make sure your mod/mission will work with INF.


-Only use normal FRED or INFFred to work on and save the mission, though fsopen works now, it won't later.

-Missions do not have to be set in the INF storyline/universe if you don't want to, but any missions submitted must be compatable with the R1 modpack.

-If you're going to use the SOC or Ancients, remember that their balance may be changed by later releases, so you may want to update your mission at a later date.

-If you add custom ships, it may break the fs2 parser, if that happens remove anything you don't need to reduce the ship limit, then don't forget to include the edited ships.tbl with your missions. (This can be ignored once our exes are released)

-If your mod uses modded data, please submit it seperately so that others can use your mods in their missions too.

New Models:

-If you make a new ship, and it's supposed to be for the EA, please try to use the EA maps so that it fits in with the current fleet.

-Make sure any tables included use INF weapons and not regular FS2 ones, otherwise the mod won't work.

I'll add more if I think of any.