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Now Casting for ITN: Exposition
We are now casting for Into the Night: Exposition.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to tryout, we do ask that you pick from the lines offered below and that you specify the role for which you are applying.


Communications Officer, Female
"We are reading an energy surge in the Louisiana's engines, all ships stand clear."

Filename: esof_.wav

Communications Officer, Male
"The Leningrad has moved further into the storm, we've lost her.  Good work pilots, return to base."

Filename: esom_.wav

EA Captain
"The Leningrad is powering weapons, we must protect the ambassador! Pilots, give us a screen."

Filename: esec_.wav

Colonial Captain
"Chelenkov, you must turn back now before its too late, there’s nothing more we can do here."

Filename: escc_.wav

Pilot 1
"Mike charlie one zero niner, this is Alpha 3 of the 158th Banshee Squadron, Pacific Theater Command; we'll be your escort for the evening."

Filename: esp1_.wav

Pilot 2
"Alpha one reporting, area secured, all hostiles neutralized.  Requesting further orders."

Filename: esp2_.wav


Please only pick one role, we will evaluate you for that role first, and if deemed appropriate, consider you for other roles as well.

Send your applications to [email protected]

Include your HLP screenname and or your email address; send samples separately, details will be arranged over email, PM, or AIM.  Samples should be recorded in 16 bit mono, at 22khz.

Thank you, and good luck.
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Now Casting for ITN: Exposition
We are also accepting for the part of Narol's evil Vasudan twin.

Applicants must be able to speak Vasudan tongue in at least 46 different languages in accordance with (at least) rank, position, orientation and distance modifiers.

Evilness is a necessity, own henchmen and evil plan optional.  Previous experience prefered, but not required as on site training is available.

Simply forward voice sample with attached picture and previous evil deed.

Sample:  "Balta-jyofi yo-hmbi-dagraxk.  Szum-qazignof-szodieav."
Accounting for stellar displacement of the third star of Zinglon, spacial distance of 45 light years to the emperor, standing four metres due south of the equatorial line of Vasudan Prime six years ago.  Ranking as a gerbal eating psychopathic genius fish lover.

All applications should be sent to LtNarol, as I am to busy hatching my own evil plans from your voice samples to deal with such a minor task... that is what I've got underling like Narol for :D

Read:  The above is a joke and is not to be taken seriously.  Failure to comply will result in a good slapping with a rotten trout.  That is all.
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Thats no moon... hes dropped his pants!

After the 10th take I ad-libbed and said Fighter Screen... But I think it works ;)
Don't think of it as being outnumbered. Think of it as having a wide target selection !

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