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I need some tips on getting Inferno to run properly. Not only is there a problem with crashing (crash to desktop in mission 2 when the Warlock carrier fires it's main gun), but the game runs in a choppy fashion, despite the fact that my computer can run Freespace 2 on maximum settings normally.

Any tips for eliminating these problems?


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Well, I'm not sure how to help you per se, but I am aware that Inferno is quite a lot more intense on your graphics than FS2's standard models and textures (even at max settings). I guess I'd make sure all your drivers are up to date, FreeSpace is patched to v1.20; try a re-install. Apart from that, I think you're just experiencing the fact that Inferno has far more detailed stuff than regular FS2. Also, there's a texture hack somewhere in the threads below... have a look for a thread started by Kalfireth.
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What's your processor, ram and graphics card?
My old PC can run FS2 at max settings with no slowdown, but I used to get slowdown with INF.


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I had the same crashing problem, so I switched from glide to D3D and used Kalfireth's method (see the stickied thread), and there have been 0 crashes after that.
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