Author Topic: My "Model-A-Day" project - Day 4  (Read 1246 times)

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My "Model-A-Day" project - Day 4
All the previous models are available on my site.

Todays model is the GTT Whore (read my model page to find out about its name). Its got around 250 polys and took 10 mins to make. You might be able to use it as a corvette if you made the forward hull, smaller or pointier.

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My "Model-A-Day" project - Day 4
why do i get the impression you don't actually have this communities' best interests at heart?

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My "Model-A-Day" project - Day 4
From Fattony's site:
Although by looking at some of the contestants in the HLP modelling contest I feel a lot better about my abilities.

That's not very nice! You should think before you post stuff like this.
Also a lot of the guys around here are american, they don't take to swearing as much as people from GB do so it's good manners to try and tone it down.

Think of more "apt" or less derogatory titles for your ships. Unfortunate people searching for the words "whore" and "dildo" on google might be unwittingly sent here.


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My "Model-A-Day" project - Day 4
This is your last chance.
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