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Another day...another error...
Hello. I just installed Inferno. I was impressed by how different it is to the original (even the button bleeps are different). But i have a problem.

When i go into the tech room, the tech database is still set to the old FS2 ships, and when i go into missions i have no guns and every ship is a GTF Ulysses.

I think this problem has happened before, so if ANYONE could give me the answer, i'd be most greatfull. PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU!!!!!! I SO WANT TO PLAY THIS!!!!!!!!!!
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Another day...another error...
Extract the table files to your root data directory, not /data/tables. It is likely you have files in /data/tables. FS2 has a system of preferences for table files. From highest to lowest priority:

VP files

That way you can play Inferno and keep whatever you have in /data/tables.:)

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Another day...another error...
Make sure the VP(s) are in the root FS2 folder and not the data folder.


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I sorted it out. Thanks to Wooly Wool and Woomeister for the assistance.

Also, i found a new method for dealing with the problems:

1) Make sure your VP's are in the right place

2) Create a file in your FS2 data directory called "Backup"

3) Move the ships.tbl and weapons.tbl from Data\Tables to Data\Backup.

FS2 and FRED wont be able to find the tables in backup, and so will find the Inferno stuff instead :yes:.

Currently playing Inferno. Will have report ready in next few days :D

See ya.

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Another day...another error...
Just closed it maby other people get the into the same problem as you;)
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