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Hello! Interested in free music to use in your shareware games?
Hello! Interested in free music to use in your shareware games?

I'm Vanethian, one of the best artists.

I've been included in the famous FLASHBACK2000 compilation,
with the most representative artists for the year 2000.

I would like to share with you my great music!

I compose Medieval, Science Fiction and Thriller/Mystery Themes.

Check my songs at my website and please comment them.
We could arrange a deal and i'll let you include my
music in your games if you advertise my website.

You'll not be contacted by my representatives and i'll
not ask you any fee to use my music. All i ask is that
you advertise my webpage and we can discuss about the
way to advertise the site.

My website url is:


Here's some info about me and the hitech recording studio
i use to produce my awesome music!

Vanethian - The New Music Frontier Page:
Home Page:

Born in Palermo (Italy), 11 March 1975, Manuel "Vanethian" Marino
learned musical basic concepts by himself, and, only in a second
time, he studied solfeggio, finger picking technique and jazz
lessons with a teacher. Even if he loved playing guitar, every
time he tried to put all his time on it, he changed his mind.
His computer passion bring him to prefer midi sequencing musical
composition to guitar live! exhibitions, so at the end he left
his guitar studies and decided to merge himself with the world
of computer music.

Manuel "Vanethian" Marino is a one man band. He plays guitars,
synthesizers and keyboards. He composes his music, and he is a
sound processing expert. Practically, he does everything!
With his acoustic and digital instruments he composed several
songs which go through different musical styles, from classical
to techno, creating an astounding mix of styles (which is the
typical trait of his music).



18 Channels ETEK Analog Mixer
32bit EFX2000 ETEK DSP


Pentium III 800 mhz with 384 mb ram (133)
Creamware Pulsar II


Creamware Pulsar II
Sequential Circuits


Washburn electric and acoustic guitars
Korg A4 Guitar DSP


Vanethian - The New Music Frontier