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I've run few tests and I think that apothes long range cannon need longer fireing range.
I've place apothes 15 km to sathanas and it can fire 2-3 salvos
before sathanas fly  in to  it's BFRed range that is about 13-14 km.

I've place apothes 15 km to diablo with HRed as it's main gun
and it can fire 3-4 salvos before  diablo is in it's fireing range

in both test apothes don't move.

I suggest 18 km fireing range to apothes but it's only sugestion.

No, besides, we control the beam with sexps.

yeah, get fsmview and check if you want


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I say it again don't scrap EACa Telemus EA need this ship, terrans have warlock, vasudans have tanen (do you have something for ligth vasudan carrier?), shivans have shiamak, ancients have akrotiri. Telemus is very ballanced ship and looks orginal, without it EA will have only remodeled Orion ( it's good  but not good enough for replace Telemus).

You srap whole SOC fleet because you need free space for new ships and weapons? is it posible to have much more ships in the tables? how many?

No, we scrapped the SOC fleet because it was redundant. Originally we were going to have parallel chapters, GTVA and SOC, but then we got realistic. Either we split our mission designing resources in two or come up with some good ones for the re-release of chapter 1.


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We're currently looking for a smaller Vasudan carrier.

The Telemus isn't needed, since I'm converting a lot of ships to use a single 2048*2048 map, any ships that we deem not needed will be removed.