Author Topic: is it dead?  (Read 1956 times)

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it has bin 4 months no news
so is it dead?:confused:


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No. It is not dead. ;)

We're working, I promise. If you could see in the internal forum, you'd be very happy, I think. I leave it to Narol or Spicious to spill the beans if they want to.
[I am not really here. This post is entirely a figment of your imagination.]


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Any fool can pull a trigger...


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we keep our secrets to ourselves


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Come on. Tell us more. You know you want to...;7
16:46   Quanto   ****, a mosquito somehow managed to bite the side of my palm
16:46   Quanto   it itches like hell
16:46   Woolie   !8ball does Quanto have malaria
16:46   BotenAnna   Woolie: The outlook is good.
16:47   Quanto   D:

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