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Howabout, something like this:

  (possibles: fighter, bomber, etc)

  (possibles: Hercules, Perseus, etc)

  That way, you can tailor some of the enemies that the player would fight or maybe some mission obectives, to what type of fighter he/she is flying. To either make the mission more challenging, or whatever. Maybe you can even get an "add data" bit, where you can also specify if the player is using such and such a weapon, though I doubt most people would want that level of detail.

   Good idea or no? :nervous:


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I mentioned something like this (operators to check whether or not a given ship is of a given type and has the given weapon) in another thread a few weeks ago, but they will probably wait for these things after 3.6 is out.


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Um. How is this different from the is-ship-class and is-ship-type SEXPs?

As far as I can see you give them Alpha 1 as an arguement and it will do exactly what you want.
Karajorma's Freespace FAQ. It's almost like asking me yourself.

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I really should have checked the sexp list before posting; I never even knew that was in there. :p But what I could really use is something analagous for weapons.


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*Here's* one that's needed: set-primitive-sensors-on/off.

At least, I'm pretty sure that one isn't in there already. Would be useful for hostile AWACs jamming and such.

I looked for the sexP but didn't see it either. Ooops.


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Yes.  Do the research first. :)

We'll look into the other stuff after 3.6.