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Setting the scene for R2 - fiction
Thought I'd try my hand at some prose in the run up to the release of the new EA missions. This story takes place before the events in re-R1.


Captain Hanes sighed as he surveyed the devastation from the command deck. Thirteen warships and countless fighter wings had paid the price for Admiral Wright's gambit, and although they had taken down even greater numbers of GTVA assets with them, the Earth Alliance was now at a distinct disadvantage.

Antares, a capital world of the Galactic Terran Vasudan Alliance that now stood in the EA's path to conquest, had been besieged three months into the war. Beta Aquilae was too well protected by its myriad defences, but that had not stopped the EA from moving on to Antares. The supply lines had been initially unchallenged, but as the GTVA recovered from the initial blows, attacks from all sides were commonplace. However, Admiral Wright's strategic expertise had staved off much of the damage and the siege had gone on for over nine months. Soon, thought Hanes, the conclusion to this would be upon them.

"Sir," came the voice of Lieutenant Commander Danforth, "we've received new orders from central. They want us to continue holding the system." Hanes turned from watching the slowly drifting debris to face him.

"What a surprise," said the captain, inferring his fatigue with the unchanging state of the EA stratagem since he had arrived here. "Is there anything else?"

"Aye sir," he beamed. "Reinforcements. They'll be here in four days."


"One warship and her complement."

Ordinarily the captain would have been surprised, but the jubilance on his subordinate's face belied something more than the trivial news this seemed to be.


"It's the Nemesis, sir."

At last, thought Hanes. The EASD Nemesis, flagship of the EA fleet, was aptly named. With an offensive rating higher than any GTVA ship, even the formidable Odin class, the superdestroyer would be a kingmaker in the coming battles. With the Nemesis in system, victory was practically assured.

In the last two weeks, the GTVA had started sending in the GTSD Thor to attack the core of the EA fleet, its destroyers and carriers. Although the Thor had been repelled each time by a massive bomber attack, the time it took to do so had cost the fleet one or two capital ships each time. Even Admiral Wright was at a loss to combat the problem. Central had considered using the Nemesis to destroy the Thor - there was little doubt it could do so - but the risk of sending in the EA's most valuable asset had always been too great. Perhaps this latest setback - the Battle of Antares - was responsible for their new decision.

"This is excellent news, John," said Hanes, feeling the weight of the war lifting from his shoulders for the first time in many months. "What clearance level did central give to this information?"

"They said it was strictly level Rho. No-one aside from senior ship officers is to know of her arrival." The captain's smile faded somewhat. "Well, we knew this would probably be the case - any slip of this information and the GTVA might get wind."

"The morale boost to the crew would've been good to see, though. You know they'd fight harder knowing she was on the way." Hanes clasped his hands together. "In any case, we have to keep ourselves at fighting strength until the Nemesis gets here. Three days, I assume?"

"Aye sir." Three days was the time it took to make the journey from Sol to Antares, given the number of GTVA blockades and task forces in the way.

"Very good John. I'll be glad to see the back of this place when it's all over," said the captain with resolution to see the coming battle through. "Dismissed." Hanes turned back to watching the wreckage of former ships drift by.

"Begging your pardon, sir, but aren't you forgetting something?" Danforth said with obvious jubilance. The captain thought for a moment, and realised what Danforth meant as he furrowed his brow.

"Alright," he sighed. "THAT bet. Come by my quarters at seventeen hundred to pick them up." So much for a celebratory drink, he thought, as he cursed his gambling luck once again. To the captain, the loss of those three bottles of finest single malt was almost as bad as losing three warships.
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Setting the scene for re-R1 - fiction
Very good. I like reading fanfiction, and this was certainly a good one.

If you'd like some more, i could write one or two small ones in my spare time?
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Setting the scene for re-R1 - fiction
very nice:yes2: :yes:


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Setting the scene for re-R1 - fiction
This is my vision of  first few hours of EA/GTVA war from both points of view, because my english isn’t very good , this will be a radio message.

GTI Melia- all systems green, we’re ready to power up gate in 5...4...3...2...1...0 , activation sequence at 20%.
GTVA command- Beta wing , be ready for recon flight to Sol at any moment.
BETA- ready and waiting command
Command- all ships, report status.
GTT Discovery- diplomatic group is ready sir.
GTC Wasp-  we’re ready to escort Discovery
GTD Reaper (Boreas)- we’re at defensive position and waiting.
GTD Stalker (Icelus)- Alpha and Gamma wings are ready in our hangars.
GTI Melia- activation sequence at 75%
GTCv Hawk(phobos)-we’re at patrol, everything fine.
GTI Melia- activation sequence completed, scannig...........the node is fully operational.
Command- Beta wing you are clear to depart, good luck.
Beta- roger that command, departin to Sol.
5 minutes later
Beta- this is recon wing, we’re in Sol, we have a Faustus class shi...#$%^%&E$#%&#^%$*
Command- Beta wing,  come in Beta wing, they have popably some radio problems, Discovery, Wasp you are clear to go .
30 minutes later
Melia- command, Diplomatic group didn’t send any message by at least 10 minutes, I suggest close the gate.
Command-negative Melia, last transmision from Discowery was clear, they’re at meeting with EASC Magelan and they report radio problems.
Melia- but we haven’t  any singht of life from Beta wing, I have bad feelings about it.
Command- Beta wing isn’t our primary goal.
Melia- INCOMING JUMP SIGNATURES, Orion, Argo and Alcyone
EAD Terra (old Orion)- This is Terra, we’re official diplomatic group of Earth Alliance
GTT Discovery- we’re going to  your Hangar bay Melia.
Melia- roger that Discovery. Terra, we’ve send a recon wing 30 minutes ago
EAD Terra- bad news Melia, we’ve ram them when we’ve jumping in, they have no chance to survive.
20 minutes later
Melia- EA diplomats are on board, we’re beginnig negoti...$*%#&$#&$*
GTVA Command- what the... this is very weard, Reaper, scan for jamming devices.
GTD Stalker- I have more weard things, no life singhts on Terra, it’s automatic.
GTD Reaper- the source of jamming is....WASP!!!!
EA Command- DIE TRAITORS!!!!!
GTVA Commad- multiple subspace contacts, at least five destroyers, ten corvetes and cruisers and swarms of  figrhers and bombers.
GTD Reaper- WASP OPEN FIRE ON US, disabled our forward guns.
GTCv Hawk- TERRA RAMMED STALKER, command we’ll escort last freighters out of here.
GTVA Command- possitive Hawk.
GTD Reaper- Stalker is down, Stalker is down.
GTVA Command-EA fleet exiting subspace, Melia power up your cannons. MELIA!!!!MELIA!!!
GTI Melia-%$&#%$ EA coma%^%% board $^%# have $^%%$^ on gunnery $%$ntrol.
GTCv Hawk- Melia open fire on Reaper, REAPER IS DOWN, more EA ships jumping in, we’re jumping out with freigthers.
GTVA command- all ship full retreat.

I’ll write EA point of view later if you like it.
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Setting the scene for re-R1 - fiction
Originally posted by T-Man
Very good. I like reading fanfiction, and this was certainly a good one.

If you'd like some more, i could write one or two small ones in my spare time?

Sure, I'll be continuing this one in the meantime :)

Setting the scene for re-R1 - fiction
The EA forces besieging Antares were split into four battlegroups, each one with its own orbit around Sword, the GTVA capital world. Ship-to-surface bombardment had been minimal in order to preserve the prize; instead, the EA had sent in its ground forces to seize control of key areas of the planet. General Caradan's forces had sliced through the comparatively poor GTVA armies that opposed them - evidently the Terran-Vasudan Alliance considered planetary forces a secondary concern, or had stationed nothing but green rookies on this particular planet.

In orbit, the four battlegroups' positions ensured that no opposing forces could slip by undetected. When one of these groups was engaged, the other three could make a carefully calculated subspace shortjump and join the battle in short order. However, after the recent battles, each group had had to split its forces. Two destroyers and a carrier were at the core of battlegroups Broadsword and Lancet, Nightshade had been reduced to a single carrier and a Tereus destroyer, and the strongest, Hrothgar, consisted of two carriers and a Lindos. Each battlegroup also had several cruisers and corvettes attached to it, as well as all the fighters the carriers and destroyers could support.

The EACa Vanguard, captained by Jeff Hanes, now supported almost 60% more fighters than her complement allowed. Because many fighters and bombers had lost their motherships, they were maintained by the surviving carriers whenever there was extra capacity in the bays. Although EA supplies were being depleted at an excessive rate as a result, these 'extra' fighters that were continually on patrol were more a blessing than a burden. Twenty wings now called the Vanguard home, one wing more than Nightshade's carrier, the Argus.

Although these conditions were not optimal, Admiral Wright's taskforce was doing an admirable job of keeping the superior GTVA forces from breaking the siege.

"Did you hear how MacKenzie's doing?" Talon asked her companion on the flight deck. She couldn't help but notice the furtive, poorly concealed interest her lithe form was generating as the pair walked towards the lift that would take them back to the quarterdeck. It was a ritual that the techs and greasemonkeys repeated every time they saw her outside her new model Mark 3 Claymore. Talon, known more formally as Lieutenant Marie Davis, had always hated this - and she'd almost taken it out on her less inconspicuous admirers among the Vanguard's crew. On this occasion though, she was far too fatigued for ire.

"Tal, that's the third time you've asked me that today. Do I look like a freakin' doctor to you?" was Cyrus, a.k.a. Major Scott Edwards' bitter response. MacKenzie had been a close friend at the academy, as well as his first wingman, and somehow fate had conspired to keep the pair together for three years since they began their tours of duty. "Oh ****-... sorry. I just... I just can't help but turn the whole thing round and round in my head. He should never have volunteered for bomber duty."

"I understand, Scott, but wouldn't you have done the same? Look me straight in the eye and tell me you wouldn't. And even if you could stare me out I still wouldn't damn well believe you." Her calm, collected personality had been a support for him these past few days since MacKenzie's Peregrine had been thoroughly trashed by an Alcyone cruiser's cluster turrets. By the time the beams and flak were through with the bomber, only the cockpit and the port wing superstructure were still intact.

"I'm not gonna argue with you. But rational thought isn't one of my strong qualities right now."

"What do you say we visit the med centre on deck six later on? See if there's any word from the docs?" she inquired, hoping to bolster his spirits with some much-needed enthusiasm. Nursing Cyrus' self-destructive feelings was the last thing Talon wanted to do, but it came as part and parcel of their friendship.

"You think Yu'll let us?" Commander Katrina Yu was the executive officer for all fighter activity, and Hanes' right hand on the Vanguard. She maintained a distance from her squad leaders and pilots, preferring a strictly professional relationship than a friendly one. Katrina was a firm mistress and kept driving her units to work at their peak efficiency. However, in this instance Talon figured she would probably allow the two to see their friend - the commander was not a cold woman, and she knew of the need for comradeship in such desperate times.

"I think so - just don't expect any favours from her later on." The two pilots shared a laugh. "But we should get some sleep before we go ask her. Next shift's not for another eighteen hours."

As soon as the pilots had stepped into the lift, the doors closed behind them and they began their ascent to subdeck 3T where their debriefing awaited.


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Setting the scene for re-R1 - fiction
I did a quick render based on that second one:

and here's my current desktop:


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Setting the scene for re-R1 - fiction
Wow, between the new head anis and this... where did you get these people models from?  And what are you using to render them?


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Setting the scene for re-R1 - fiction
Poser 4
Some are free models from Renderosity, some are comercial models.


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Setting the scene for re-R1 - fiction
don't take this the wrong way but that woman could use some work. Way too buff. She looks like a transvestite that I saw and the stupid university beautiful man show :ick:
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Setting the scene for re-R1 - fiction
That's because the unifoirm is for a guy, and I couldn't get the magnets to cover her, so I turned her body off :D


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Setting the scene for re-R1 - fiction
so she will look better in the future. not that I care that much, the real this is so much better.
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Setting the scene for re-R1 - fiction
that fiction is not bad at all
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Re: Setting the scene for re-R1 - fiction
"Haven't you ever wondered why we're out here with destroyers and carriers instead of freighters and passenger liners?" came the voice of Greg Haalden, one of the combat technicians on the Vanguard.

"Oh not this again Greg," sighed one of his colleagues. "We're here because we need to hold Antares. We need to hold Antares because Admiral Wright says so. And the admiral says so because we have no hope of peacefully co-existing with the outsiders." Kifel Banstone was a particularly politically astute man, and like to make sure everyone else knew about it at every available opportunity. He had made the same arguments so many times that he could effortlessly rattle off a quick rebuttal to anything with which he could not agree.

"But why? Hell, we fought the Vasudans for fourteen years and then alakazam, one tiny Shivan attack and we're the best of buddies." Haalden looked around to make sure no-one entertained thoughts of him being a traitor. "Not that I'm saying we shouldn't..."

"That was years ago pal - when we weren't stuck in our own solar system, cut off from the universe outside. We didn't have to worry about resources or a peaking population because there'd always be some new system we could find and exploit, start a new colony there and move a few million people to further the territory of the glorious GTA. Before they opened that gateway there was no way we'd ever see Beta Aquilae again.

"There's no way a peaceful solution would've ever worked for the EA, Greg. Not as first class citizens again, at least - unless it involved us seceding to their government, that useless, inefficient democracy that did nothing but sit on its ass, sacrifice a fleet or two and hope that the Shivans would get bored of us before they wiped us out. It was only a few seconds difference between taking out tha last reactor on the Lucifer and it emerging in our system with free reign to wipe out everything here. That's why we tore up the GTA's democratic government and replaced it with something far more capable. And that's why we'd never willingly go back to it." From Kifel's smug grin it was clear he thought the matter settled. He was a staunch colonialist and had always espoused his admiration for the Earth Alliance's efficient, albeit brutal methods. And to almost anyone on board an EA vessel, his words rang true.

The old GTA had stood for a year after the collapse of the Delta Serpentis-Earth jump node, but failed to adapt to the new climate of limited resources and space into which to expand. A brief coup later, the Provisional Earth Alliance was formed to deal with the crises facing native Terrans. Private concerns were taken into state control and used to stabilise the immediate situation as the severed free market had failed to do. Resourcing projects too large for private enterprise were undertaken, and soon all the resources of the Sol system were soon being mined and used to ensure the stability, and dominance of the renamed Earth Alliance. Although life for any citizen was much less lavish than those of the GTVA colonies in the post-war era, this harsher existence made them harder, more independent people. As space and planetary colonies were built, the problems of excessive population were greatly reduced and within twenty years, conditions were much better for almost everyone.

"I just wonder how history will record these years, when the war's over and we've won," said Greg lazily, reclining in his seat, drink in hand. "Remember what the government said to the Vasudans who survived to make lives on Earth?"

"They gave them the opportunity to return to their people when the gateway was secured - and each one of them refused. Surely if our methods were that wrong they would have left us behind?" Jane, Greg's wife and a flight control ensign on board the carrier, chimed in. "Everyone knows how spiritual the Vasudans are - it's not like they didn't want to return home, they just felt a duty to stay here. Nearly all of the able ones are in the fleet, as I recall. Look at Vice Admiral Atteru, he's in command of our planetary defences!"

Kifel was nodding wholeheartedly at the suggestion. Surely all true Terrans were greater patriots than those outsiders from the GTVA.

Unfortunately, he was wrong. Although the war had initially gone to plan, positions were getting harder to maintain and any forward momentum through the prized core systems had been stopped months ago. It was starting to affect the morale of every enlisted individual in the EA military. The numerical superiority of the GTVA was starting to take its toll. A turning point in the war had been reached, and the arrival of the Nemesis in Antares on time would be critical in the battles to come.

Re: Setting the scene for re-R1 - fiction

Anyone still interested in this?

Re: Setting the scene for re-R1 - fiction
yeah....continue....hell you should make a video of this...... ;7


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Re: Setting the scene for re-R1 - fiction
Nice. It fleshes out the EA very nicely, and it's great to see things from the perspective of 'the other side'.


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Re: Setting the scene for re-R1 - fiction
heh, now I know why I love EA.  Cool ship, cool fighters, cool guys ,f*** democracy :D

Re: Setting the scene for R2 - fiction
Captain Hanes was rudely awakened to the sound of war. Alert klaxons shrieked, telling the tired crew that their hopes for a peaceful night's sleep were dashed in a few stacatto blasts. Always the professional, it took only seconds before the captain had a comm link to the CIC established.

"Report, commander. And transfer it to my headset, I'm on my way." Hanes grabbed a shirt and his small communications device and rushed out of his quarters.

Commander Ed Rice was the captain's executive officer, and was probably as skilled in a fighter as he was in command of the Vanguard. He was a high flyer, and had risen through the ranks quickly, and not on the back of political influence or knowing the right people; he was a man who would surely surpass Hanes one day - and the captain knew it. This did not bother him - although he had once envied the man's natural talents, Hanes saw the right blend of confidence, and the lack of arrogance to want him to succeed.

"Sir, two enemy carriers at long range. They made their entry point as far from our patrols as possible to give them as much time as possible to launch. We count six wings so far."

"Escorts?" Surely the GTVA had not sent in two Lenaeus' in without support?

"None. No jump signatures nearby, either. Active subspace scans show nothing at all. But I wouldn't bet it'll be long before that changes." Rice sounded as confident as usual. The strategy of sending in two juicy, relatively vulnerable targets was unorthodox, but it would force the EA commander's hand one way or the other. Either the two warships were going to draw both sides' smaller craft into a meatgrinder near the EA fleet, or they were the bait for something else to take the Vanguard and its attendants. The EAD Dauntless was halfway between Nightshade and Lancet, the Vanguard's battlegroup. The Undaunted, a Lindos-class, was still under repairs, and two of her five main guns would still be offline.

Damn! Caught at the worst possible time...

Hanes considered the options. If the battlegroup moved in closer to the planet, any surprise jumps by GTVA forces would have to come out enough of a distance from them in order to react in time. But equally, it would severely delay jumping away - as they would have to move enough distance from its gravitational influence in order to open a subspace node. What to do?

"Commander, have all capital ships in the group charge their jump capacitors for a quick exit if we need one. We'll go out and meet the bastards. When's support due?" He knew that a number of smaller vessels would soon be entering the fight. The EA rotated a handful of cruisers around the sector to assist any battlegroup in immediate need. Those ships had been his ace in the hole one time already.

"Seven minutes." A long way out, then.

Hanes was now rushing through the corridors, passing a few officers and a lot of crewmen en route to their battle stations. Some of them would be rushing to engineering to keep the fusion reactors running optimally, others would readying to scramble in their fighters. A few would be heading to fire control to reinforce their designated primary gunners, a shift of whom would always be operating the ship's two dozen guns. He reached the lift to the CIC.

"I'm scrambling half our fighters. Katrina is already seeing to it. I think we should hold back the bombers for now... if anyone gets through to the carriers, they'll attack their nav or engine systems. That should get them to rethink." So, a conservative strategy. The bombers would be insurance should anything big get the jump on them. "Any amendments sir?"

"No, Ed, you're right. Keep a large reserve for now." As if he needed to second-guess his protege. "Status on the Undaunted?"

"Captain Bren is launching his fighters as we speak. He's going to keep them back for point defense while the destroyer moves forward to cover us. But I'm betting they'll break before she gets into beam range."

"Then let's break their timing. Have our interceptors and heavies target their nav systems." This was a strategy that EA commanders had used to great effect early in the war - by destroying a capital ship's navigation equipment, it would be unable to make a precise instantaneous jump based on its exact position in space relative to gravitational sources. Although the ship's main computer could redundantly perform this task based on past data, the lack of exact real-time information would mean a three-minute processing cycle for a destroyer-class vessel. And three minutes would be all the Undaunted would need to punch a few fatal holes in one of those weaker carriers - even with two of her guns offline.

It took only another minute for Hanes to reach the CIC. Embedded deep in the heart of the Auriga, it was the safest place on the ship aside from the fusion reactor core, which had additional layers of armour surrounding the section - after all, a severe core breach would leave nothing intact. Upon entering the command centre, Commander Rice instantly ceded authority to his superior and saw to the running of the ship's main sections while Hanes reviewed the strategic display.

The ship's two forward-facing railguns were the first shots the Vanguard fired. The two hyper-velocity slugs shimmered for a tiny moment on the viewscreen before they slammed into one of the two Lenaeus-class, causing a violent explosion on the frontal armour of the large ship. With a longer range than most beam weapons, the first offensive-scale railguns had been designed in the dark days of internecine warfare between the pre-Alliance factions of the Sol system. The two large turrets which housed these weapons gave the EA carrier a respectable offensive rating, and had allowed Auriga carriers to destroy convoys of smaller ships without even having to launch their bomber contingents.

The two fighter forces met shortly after those first shots. The first missiles, lasers and gattling cannon bursts could not be seen even on the CIC's huge forward viewscreen, but the explosions, small pinpricks of light, were the first casualties of this battle. The melee was about 7 klicks away from the Vanguard, and much closer to the two enemy carriers. Whoever's forces broke first would soon be swarmed with fighters, but the EA task force would have more time to react if the worst were to happen.

"Fleet control, get one of our cruisers in there. We can't let them break our momentum, and they'll have almost double our fighter capacity if those carriers are fully loaded," barked Hanes. Lieutenant Commander Danforth, currently co-ordinating the fleet action, relayed the orders to the Scythe, an Eclipse-class warship. Built around its heavy weaponry and armoured bulk, the cruiser throttled up, surging towards the melee of small craft between the two main forces. The Scythe's autocannons blazed as she dispatched a few errant fighters and bombers who managed to escape the brawl and head towards the main force along the way, before entering range of the meatgrinder, and turning to allow her broadside guns to fire.

The carnage was inevitable. With half a dozen turrets trained on them, each of them even more powerful than one of the Alliance's AAA beam turrets, the GTVA fighters scattered, trying to reduce the damage potential of the cruiser's deadly barrage. Taking advantage of this, the EA pilots took a number of easy kills like cats hunting mice.

Then the mice turned nasty.

Sixteen small jump nodes opened up in dangerously close proximtity as sixteen Hercules III heavy fighters leapt out of subspace, before turning towards the Scythe and gaining aspect lock a few seconds later. Too late to feasibly react, a few EA fighters nevertheless rushed away from their targets to defend the cruiser, firing at their maximum ranges to try and break the assault wings.

When all sixteen launched their first salvo of Hornet H missiles, their goal became clear. Destroy that cruiser at all costs. A few seconds later, another massive salvo. Then another. Blistering under the intense assault by the heavy fighters, most of the cruiser's turrets were obliterated, and the armour plating gave way to expose internal sections to cold, hard vaccuum. Breaking hard to avoid flying into the Scythe's undamaged port arc, the heavies stayed in formation, coming round for another pass.

Commander Davis was not about to let his exposed side take another beating, however. As the Hercs came round for their next attack, they met the cruiser's dorsal section, relatively unprotected but for heavy armour. Their missile salvos smashed into the armour, but this time did little damage to the internals. As the GTVA fighters broke a second time, the cruiser used its inertia to roll its port and ventral arcs into play. Carefully co-ordinating their targets, the turrets took three of the enemy fighters before they came round for their third pass. This time, the EA light and medium fighters who had broken off to defend the stricken cruiser - Claymore Is and IIIs - were able to break the formation. Stripped of some of their potence, most of the damage caused by the uncertain third lot of salvos simply hit armour. This time, they broke for good, scrambling to help their comrades in the fighter engagement.

"Scythe reports most of her systems are still operational, though her hull is at about 50% integrity, sir," said Commander Rice. The risk had apparently paid off, but then the Scythe's crew were more dependable than most. "Our fighters seem to be coming out with-" he started, but was cut off.

"Sir! I'm reading a power spike on those carriers!" shouted a junior lieutenant from one of the forward stations. Oh no. "They've.... they've got beam weapons!"

Where Hanes had been expecting plasma cannons, the two forward turrets on each Lenaeus roared to life, capacitors charging with an unearthly blue glow. A moment later, all four guns spat out sapphire lances toward the Scythe, ripping right through the centre of the furball to core into the cruiser's exposed starboard quarter. Men, equipment and entire bulkheads were boiled away to nothing in an instant as each beam exploded through the other side of the cruiser as if it were on some giant stellar pitchfork. Those that had somehow escaped death from the intervention of the beams were soon to follow, as shockwaves from compromised systems and the ship's reactor core gutted the rest of the bulky cruiser, severing what remained at the midsection.

The CIC fell almost silent to Hanes, although the crew were still managing the battle operations. He felt compelled to stand and salute his fallen comrades, but professionalism, common sense, and the words of his XO stopped him.

"Captain, we have two more large jump signatures inbound."

Re: Setting the scene for R2 - fiction
Very well written. I like it so keep churning it out. Or I'll get very, Very, confusticated.
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