Author Topic: {V} Already released the Soruce Code?  (Read 3489 times)

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{V} Already released the Soruce Code?

Exits are to the sides and rear, emergency flamethrowers can be found under the seats. And if you run into a large 5-limbed creature while wandering around in the air ducts, give it your lunch and maybe toss it a shoe as well. Hopefully it's just Carl, and he'll leave you be.  If you notice any funky changes in the scenery outside the windows, don't worry, it's only the SCP team messing around with reality.

Enjoy your stay!
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{V} Already released the Soruce Code?
Originally posted by Flaser
...maybe the code was destroyed in the same fashion as :V: killed the FS1 source code.
What, reusing a good deal of it, commenting out other points, and the like? Or was that Microsoft who did that....
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