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Hello all you who are making this great campaign called Machina Terra. I havn't been following the progress of the campaign that mutch so can someone give me a status update.

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Staffmember: Hard Light Productions
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Hm, status update. Okay, it's been a while anyway...  

Machina Terra is progressing fast. We had some problems with some of the models some time ago, but now everything is on it's track again. Work on missions, models and cutscenes is progressing fast, and we're being able to overcome most of the problems we encounter.

Work on other areas, such as background images and voices is also well under way. Though we wanted to show some of the results we're reaching, I fear it would ruin most of the experience of playing the campaign, so we'll be very careful on what we release to the public. This does not mean, though, that we won't release anything - expect some news on the website soon, and keep checking the progress status page.

Since our main goal is quality, please bear with us as we review each element a couple thousand times to ensure everything's as we want - it'll be worth it, trust me.  
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I agree  

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