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Wow... just Wow (Newbie Post)
I don't think I got a welcome either, I registered before the tradition. ;)
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Wow... just Wow (Newbie Post)
Originally posted by InfernoGod
Alright, since none of you seem to be doing it, then here I go...
*takes deep breath*
Exits are to the sides and rear. Water guns are under the seats for what they're worth. One or two might even have holy water. If you encounter any Shivans while crawling in the air ducts, hopefully it's only Carl. Give him your lunch and hope he doesn't kill you with his fusion-cannon-thingy. Plasma rifles are located in the lockers up front. However, these can only be opened by [V], God, an Admin, or a hyperintelligent shade of the color blue. Do not try to enter the control room as it is guarded by Claymore mines. Thank you, and enjoy your stay!

There, that's for all of you who didn't get welcomed officially.

Wow... just Wow (Newbie Post)
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Wow... just Wow (Newbie Post)
Newbie, welcomed me!! :p
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Wow... just Wow (Newbie Post)
I got welcomed efficiantly.


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Wow... just Wow (Newbie Post)

Welcome to HLPBB! The exits are to the rear and left in case of emergency and shotguns are located under your seats. Flamethrowers are available in the lobby for all flaming occassions. Please be sure to stop by our Sandvich Bar and enjoy some Bosch Beer and Space Crack. Also, knife fights are strictly prohibited in favor of much more interesting 20mm mortar duels and paper machete/jello wrestling.
Spoon - I stand in awe by your flawless fredding. Truely, never before have I witnessed such magnificant display of beamz.
Axem -  I don't know what I'll do with my life now. Maybe I'll become a Nun, or take up Macrame. But where ever I go... I will remember you!
Axem - Sorry to post again when I said I was leaving for good, but something was nagging me. I don't want to say it in a way that shames the campaign but I think we can all agree it is actually.. incomplete. It is missing... Voice Acting.
Quanto - I for one would love to lend my beautiful singing voice into this wholesome project.
Nuclear1 - I want a duet.
AndrewofDoom - Make it a trio!

Wow... just Wow (Newbie Post)
Yeah, yeah we got that.