Author Topic: What's your most glorious or spectacular death in FS?  (Read 847 times)

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What's your most glorious or spectacular death in FS?
Mine was actually the third time I played Crisis in Capella at Insane. I was already at the last strech of the battle with the 2 transports only less then a few clicks from the node. The surving wingmen (one in alpha, 3 in beta, and one in Delta)  were all in the red and so am I with only around 20 Hull left.

Then as expected the last wave came in and attacked. For some reason the 2 Maras were deadshots and quickly dispatched, Alpha 2 and one in Beta. I charged in with guns blazing and pouring all of my rockeyes out while the remaining wingmen chased after the seraphim bombers.

4 pairs of rockeyes found its target and blew up the first mara. While the rest brought the second one to a hull of 1%. In its last desparate attempt to retaliate, it did a sudden turn and made a lucky shot killing my weapons subsystem at the same time smashing into my ship before exploding into space dust.

I guess I was lucky because the impact did not kill me but only brought my hull  to 1%. Then I heard the scream of my wingmen as their ships blew up.

I swing my ship around seeing a lone seraphim bleeding fire but still charging towards one of the dying transports. I put all my reserves to the engine and hit my burners to catch up with it.  

As I closed in, I saw it lunched a bomb towards the transport. I switched my course and headed straight for the bomb. I locked on and fired...

But wait! I forgot!  My weapons are down! I can't fire my guns! So with a final burst of my afterburners chased the bomb and rammed it creating a massive explosion that not only blew my ship but also destroyed the lone seraphim.

Both transports made it.  I pulled a beer from the fridge and drank to one of my best FS games yet :)
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What's your most glorious or spectacular death in FS?
Original Freespace. The final mission. Lucy is on its way to destroy Earth. It's a full out attack by the GTA and PVN forces - but the Shivans are fighting back with force. I'm low on strength after a few encounters with Manticores and Dragons, most of Alpha, Beta and Gamma are down, and Delta wing Ursa bombers have nuked the first four reactors - but have run out of Harbingers for the fifth.

There's no support, no reinforcements. There's no way we can get any more Harbingers to take out the last reactor. Earth is screwed.

UNLESS... we go back to the good old ways and blast Lucy with all the primaries we've got.

So I'm shooting away with my guns, maxing out weapons energy, hoping that I can take the subsystem down before Lucy can jump out... hull isn't doing too well... and my wingmen are getting shot down by all the Manticores flying around.

And yet slowly but surely, Reactor 5 is getting weaker and weaker.

But it was not to be, 'cause when it was on but a few percent a Manticore came out of nowhere and nuked me with a missile.

Bugger. Now I'll have to play it all over again.

So I sit back and watch as I spiral out of control... and end up hitting Lucy right on the reactor and 'sploding...

...and the end movie rolls. Guess my ramming the reactor and exploding took it out after all.


(I wonder how long it will take before somebody says 'Well, I was playing 'The Fog of War' when...')


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What's your most glorious or spectacular death in FS?
hehehe Nice dialogue!

My most spectacular death always bring to mind one of the Freakspace cartoons, I spent about 10 minutes in a Boanerges dodging and dogfighting my way through to, I think, a Cain class cruiser. I'd fought off 2 waves of fighters, and another was too busy with the Leviathan behind me to worry about me.
I swung the ship around and started to cruise towards the Cain on full Afterburners. It was at this point the Cain reached Beam Range of the Leviathan. I saw the Beam Cannon charging up, altered my course massively and hit the afterburners. God I wish I'd stayed where I was :( I flew directly into the path of the beam, which vaporised me.

Not as spectacular as yours I must admit, still, it brings back fond memories :)

What's your most glorious or spectacular death in FS?
Lets see, not exactly my most 'spectacular' death, but my most irritating.
FS2: While excorting the Lysander and the Actium through the nebula.
I had just mopped up the first few waves of fighter when we reached the first cruiser. The corvettes started firing, and my wingmates and I cleared the area of fighters. Then I head for the cruiser, unloading my missiles and primaries, when suddenly I get knocked clean off course. Apparently, the corvettes decided to lay out one big barrage at that moment, resulting in me be hit by 3-4 allied beam cannons at the same time, and reducing my health to a critical state. As I attempted to high-tail it out of there, I heard a bad sound coming from the cruiser...
whiiiiiiiiiiirrrrRRRR-VVVVVVVV*small explosion*VVVVVvvvvvv...

Absolutely embarassing :doubt:
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